FIREBREW Bar & Grill is the creation of Dean (Retired Master Chief USN) and his wife, Sue Gonsior. Successful and experienced entrepreneurs, the Gonsiors were the Area Developers for the Tropical Smoothie Cafe (TSC) franchise, directly responsible for building TSC from an unknown concept to a household name by establishing 38 TSC units in the Hampton Roads area from 2001 to 2010. Seeking a new challenge, Dean and Sue sold their TSC units and territory rights in November of 2010 and immediately began the construction of FIREBREW Bar & Grill, located in the Red Mill Landing Shopping Center in southeast Virginia Beach.

FIREBREW opened its doors to the public in March 2011 and immediately set the standard for providing unparalleled hospitality and superior quality of food and beverages to local residents and business consumers throughout southeast Virginia Beach area.

What Makes Us Unique?
We proudly boast four unique attributes which separate FIREBREW Bar & Grill from all other restaurants in our area. It is our belief that consumers choose to dine at FIREBREW Bar & Grill over other restaurants in our area due to our ability to successfully deliver one or more of these attributes on a consistent basis:

  • Unparalleled Hospitality and Superior Quality of Food and Beverage – While other restaurants in our area claim to have good food and service, we believe good isn’t good enough. In fact, we believe the level of hospitality and quality of food and beverages we provide each of our guests is far superior to ANY other restaurant in our area. Unparalleled means “no one does it better,” and we will do what it takes to treat every guest as if they were a king or queen.
  • Self-Service Wine Station – We were the first restaurant in the Hampton Roads, VA area that offers guests the opportunity to pour their own wine from our 24 bottle self-service wine station. Guests can choose from three different pour levels including, Taste (1.5 oz.), ½ Glass (3 oz.), and Glass (6 oz.).
  • Open Kitchen Concept – Other restaurants claim to have an open kitchen concept. However, the kitchen is usually located in the rear of the restaurant and can only be seen by those diners seated near the rear of the building. At FIREBREW Bar & Grill, our kitchen is located in the center of the restaurant and is one of our key focal points of our restaurant. Diners seated at nearly any seat in our restaurant can observe our chefs preparing their meals using our Fire Deck oven or grill/range.
  • NO Microwaves or Fryers –  To the best of our knowledge, we are the only restaurant in the entire Hampton Roads, VA area that does not have any microwaves or fryers in the entire restaurant. All of our cooking is accomplished using our 600+ degree open flame Fire Deck oven and our grill/oven range.

When you are looking for local restaurants that will surpass your expectations, there is no better choice than FIREBREW Bar & Grill. Come see us today!