Weekend restaurant enthusiasts and adventurists alike know that one of the best meals to go out for is brunch. Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? We believe that it is so much more than that! We’ve compiled a list of reasons why brunch is our top meal of the week, as well as why you should choose FIREBREW Bar & Grill this weekend for your new brunch hotspot.

It’s the Weekend

Brunch is a meal that cannot be indulged in during the week. There are jobs to do, errands to run, and responsibilities to be taken care of in the home. Since brunch is a weekend choice only for almost everyone, it’s a great way to get an upbeat, yet comfortable and sociable start to your weekend day.


Drinking with breakfast is frowned upon, but drinking at brunch is encouraged! Whether you choose a Bloody Mary or mimosa to wash down that delicious plate of French toast and tray of eggs benedict (we aren’t judging), your taste buds are sure to be delighted. And, at FIREBREW, we offer flavored mimosas, a mimosa flight for those who want to try all our choices, Bloody Marys and a Bloody Mary flight, as well as grapefruit mint bellinis for those who want something different.

Time is Flexible

We serve brunch from 10 am to 2 pm on both Saturdays and Sundays. That means that no matter if you are an early riser or if you are an immobile blob until noon, you will be up in plenty of time to enjoy dining with us. Brunch will be here waiting for you, regardless of what your sleep schedule dictates. Just make sure you communicate with your friends ahead of time so no one ends up waiting on the other!

Saving Time

Brunch is literally two meals in one: breakfast and lunch. Save the time you would make cooking the other by rolling them into one meal! Plus, we guarantee that you will be full enough from one of our delicious meal options to keep you going all the way until dinner time. When you keep in mind that it’s two meals, you can take your time when you come eat with us. This means you can have a luxurious, lingering meal and still not worry about taking more time than breakfast and lunch would have separately.

No Judgement

Is anyone REALLY ordering a salad at brunch? You shouldn’t be if you want it to be two meals! Feast on as much as you’d like. We guarantee that no one is judging you for eating everything on your plate because their goal is probably to do the exact same.

Sweet and Savory

Whether you prefer a steak and kielbasa omelet or if French toast is more of your style, you can have it all at FIREBREW. No other meal quite combines the delicious flavors of sweet and savory together. Pour some maple syrup on your breakfast platter! We promise not to judge you for combining these delicious flavors.

Healthy Options

If you really don’t feel like loading up on the sugary and overly sweet foods, no worries. Vegetables are just as welcome at the table. There are so many healthy and even vegetarian options for those of you with dietary restrictions. We offer a variety of omelets, including a veggie omelet. Everyone will be able to find a brunch option to love. We also have some options that meet right in the middle—vegetables, meats, toast, fruit, bacon, sausage, seafood omelettes—to match your cravings and your dietary requests.

Come See Us

When it comes to enjoying an unforgettable brunch, come to FIREBREW! Our restaurant proudly does not contain any fryers or microwaves. Everything is cooking in out 600+ degree fire deck oven. Fresh food matters to us, as well as transparency in what we do. Our kitchen is located right in the center of the restaurant, so no matter where you sit, it’s like having the best seat in the house. If you have any questions about our brunch specials or even about our lunch and dinner options, please contact us today! We can’t wait to see you this weekend for brunch, drinks, laughter, and a wonderful time!