It’s the simple things in life that count, so why not have a beer with your meal?

Hello, and welcome back to the most delicious blog on the east coast. FireBrew Bar & Grill is a restaurant in Virginia Beach that puts love and thought into every dish that we make. We’ve sworn off microwaves and fryers so that you can feel confident in what you’re eating and where it came from. Our restaurant also has an outstanding beer menu so that your dish never has to feel lonely again. At FireBrew, we believe in celebrating the simple things in life. You don’t need a birthday, anniversary, or graduation to have a beer with your meal. Here are some perfect occasions to celebrate!

You remembered to put on pants

Congrats! You made it out the door fully clothed this morning. Guess what, that’s a worthy cause for celebration. Come on over to our Virginia Beach restaurant for some seafood and a pint!

You were kind to the in-laws

Ah no, not your mother-in-law badgering you about how dirty your kitchen is again. It’s hard not to tell them that they’re nothing but a washed up bag of meanness, but alas, you managed to just smile and nod politely. You deserve a beer with your meal, patient human.

You washed your sheets

Maybe the last time that you decided to wash your sheets was, eh, well, the details don’t matter. Anyway, you washed those bad boys that were spotted with food and drink stains until they were fresh as a cool breeze. Now get down to FireBrew Bar & Grill you clean freak! It’s beer and pizza time.

You updated your iPhone

You just couldn’t take another moment of the little red notification icon on your screen. It was unsightly, but you couldn’t justify not using your phone for the duration of the update! What if the love of your life texts you, what if you get an email from an important talent agency? The risk is too high! But finally, you succumbed to the pressure and updated it. Now, the deed is done and you can finally relax over a burger and beer. Yay!

You flossed

We don’t like to think about the weeks of food that have been sitting between your giblets, but you finally got rid of it with a hardcore floss session. Guess that means it’s time to celebrate with more mouth food to have stuck in your teeth! Oh, and don’t forget to get a beer to sip between mouthfuls.  

Uh, you’re alive

Hey! Look at that, you escaped death another day and we really, really think that’s something worth having a beer for. Think about all of the cars, bears, and sharks that could wipe you out instantaneously. Instead, you survived! Huzzah!

Well, those are just a few of a million reasons why you deserve that beer with your dish. FireHouse Bar & Grill always endorses pairing delicious foods with ice cold pints of the finest variety. We hope to see you at our Virginia Beach restaurant shortly!