The definition is in the name with happy hour events. It’s a whole hour where you and your fellow employees can enjoy an entire hour of drinking and being merry. This is unique because you don’t need to worry about work tasks or clients that are causing issues; instead, you can sit back and get to know the people you work with. There is a myriad of different positive effects from hosting the occasional company happy hour. If you decide to host your business’ happy hour at a restaurant in Virginia Beach, choose FIREBREW Bar & Grill for the widest variety of quality, micro-brew beers. With access to our knowledgeable staff, you and your coworkers may find a brand new beer that you love.

Say Goodbye to Structured Team Building

It’s not as if your dearest friends were made during a weird team building exercise out of an HR handbook. You forge friendships by getting to know people naturally while relaxed. A happy hour effectively creates a relaxed environment where your fellow employees and you can become more than co-workers. Inviting your people to a happy hour often breaks apart the idea of “we’re at work together,” and pushes the “we’re together because we’re relaxing with each other” feeling. With the incorporation of a good beer, you promote a pressure-free environment that encourages discussion about non-work topics. The idea is that you’ll all leave this event with a better outlook on each other and an enhanced understanding of each other’s motivations.

The Key to Regular Happy Hours

While an occasional event such as this has its obvious perks, regular practice of this enjoyable after-work event can help with your company’s image. Some businesses have found that a larger, culture-centered social media presence attracts new employees. People want to have fun at work, especially millennials, the current workforce fuelers. If you portray a fun and interactive workforce, you’ll receive more applicants. The larger your applicant pool, the better chance you have of hiring a high-performance individual. So take photos at all of your happy hours and post them to your social media to show off that awesome company culture you’ve worked so hard to create.


Before taking advantage of these benefits, be sure to take into consideration things like employees who don’t drink, happy hour location (FIREBREW), and more.

In regard to non-drinkers at the office, just be mindful of letting them know that they’re welcome to come and not drink. Choose a place with great appetizers, like FIREBREW’s bacon wrapped shrimp—which will obviously appeal to the Ron Swanson among your fellow employees and everyone else.

Determine the time of the happy hour before you go. If it’s not in your budget to do it during company hours, it’s perfectly fine. If your company can only afford to take care of the bill once per month, that’s fine. Try promoting a happy hour together the rest of the month without it being company paid to still get the social benefits of the event. Once you establish the tradition, many will be happy to continue to just go grab a beer together after work.

If you’re thinking about hosting a happy hour for your company at a local bar, or are already old sports at the process, think of FIREBREW Bar & Grill. We serve delicious appetizers to supplement our extensive wine and beer options, but we’re also a renowned seafood restaurant. We’re ready to help you host a great company get together today. We welcome walk-ins, but if you’re a planner, feel free to call and chat with us!