Time to Eat!


Hungry? Try FireBrew Bar & Grill

Welcome to FireBrew Bar & Grill. You’re probably on our website because you’re hungry and on the lookout for a place to settle down, order some food and drinks, and eat until your tummy is happy. Lucky for you, you’ve found the answer to all of your cravings and hunger problems: our little restaurant here in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach is a great and fun beach town on the coast of Virginia and welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. The area is not too far away from metropolitan areas like Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia, and its beautiful beaches and fun attractions draw in city dwellers year round. There are many reasons why people flock to Virginia Beach for a vacation: the beach, wildlife, amusement parks, it’s not New Jersey…the list goes on.

But, regardless of the reason people come to Virginia Beach, there’s one thing that gives them the ability to stay: FOOD! Yes, after a day of fun in the sun, you’re going to be starving, and you’re going to want something delicious. That’s where our restaurant comes into play.

Things in Virginia Beach that will make you hungry

Welcome to Virginia Beach, one of the best beach towns in the United States. There are many fun things to do in this coastal town that are sure to make you hungry for some hearty and well-constructed food. Curious? Here are just a few:

The Beach

It is a beach town, no? After a day of bathing in the sun until you realize you have a sunburn, struggling to not let the waves knock you on your butt, burying your uncle in the sand, and fending off those vicious seagulls, you’re going to be starving. Not even a whole carton of Goldfish crackers and an ice cream cone can satisfy your grumbling stomach after an exhausting day at the beach. When not even SPF 75 can protect your already reddened skin and you’ve finally had enough sand in your eyes, come into our restaurant. We’ll take care of you!


Chances are, you’re not Kelly Slater, and a day of surfing entails struggling to balance on your board, being washed ashore multiple times, and worrying about sharks. Surfing is fun, and Virginia Beach offers the perfect environment for this activity. But face it, it’s difficult, and after a day of “shredding waves,” you’re going to be starving. After a day of surfing, whether successful or not, you should come into our restaurant and order something that’s going to make up for the fact that you’re not going to win the East Coast Surfing Championship… at least this year.

Virginia Aquarium

Aquariums are magical places, especially the Virginia Aquarium. For an entire day, you get to experience life in the water without so much as having to get your toes wet. The Virginia Aquarium hosts a large variety of marine life from playful river otters to ominous sand tiger sharks. Soon, after learning all about what these animals eat, you’ll remember that you, too, need to eat. Unfortunately, the crabs and lobsters inhabiting the aquarium aren’t up for grabs, so choose the next best thing: our restaurant. Luckily, if you feel a bit sad about eating seafood after going face-to-face with marine life, we have a ton of menu items that are equally as tasty!

Busch Gardens

Just an hour outside of Virginia Beach is one of the most beautiful amusement parks in the country, Busch Gardens. Visitors love this park because a) it’s a nice break from inescapable amounts of sand at the beach and b) it’s unique theme and rides. Like most amusement parks, though, the food choices range from overpriced hot dogs to overpriced french fries which aren’t exactly satisfying. We suggest you hold off on dinner until you get back to your place in Virginia Beach and stop by our restaurant where nothing is overpriced and everything is satisfying.

Time to eat!

But there’s so much to choose from

First world problem here, but sitting at a restaurant with endless delicious meals to choose from is anything but a delight. First, there’s the problem of deciphering what you’re in the mood for versus what you want to be in the mood for. Then there’s the issue of jealousy over what your companions order. Thankfully, most of our guests have the luxury of taking the initial bite and thinking “ah yes, this is exactly what I needed!” Why? Because all of the dishes at our restaurant are incredible.

We personally don’t think that you should stress about what you’re going to eat, but if you’ve never stopped into FireBrew Bar & Grill, then you haven’t experienced our food yet. To help with the challenge of choosing a meal, we’ve come up with a quick guide:

Start with an appetizer

If you spent the day doing any of the above scenarios, then you’re probably hungry enough to eat your own arm. Please don’t do that! We have an easier and less painful solution: an appetizer. Our restaurant loves appetizers because they’re a nice introduction to what you’ll be experiencing once your main dish is placed in front of you. Here are some of our favorite apps:

  • Bacon Wrapped Shrimp: we are on the coast, after all, so you might as well indulge in some ocean-fresh shrimp wrapped with a layer of juicy Applewood bacon. Dip it in our coconut lime Sriracha and tequila mango BBQ sauce for a tangy edge.
  • Dip Trio: perfect to share, our dip trio consists of spinach artichoke, creamy crab, and buffalo chicken served with a mix of soft pita points and crispy tortilla chips. You won’t be able to decide which one you like the most!
  • Blackened Bites: fish person or steak person? It doesn’t matter because this app lets you choose. Start the meal right with either blackened steak or ahi tuna bites seasoned to perfection alongside some Asian slaw and coconut lime Sriracha.

Straight from the deep blue sea

We’re right off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, so order assured that all of the seafood prepared at our restaurant in Virginia Beach was pulled from the deep blue sea right beside us and not from a truck that traveled a thousand miles to deliver the ingredients. Chances are, the seafood fare that you’d be eating was swimming amongst its fishy friends in the 24 hours prior to you arriving. While we don’t know the name of the fish (hah, we kid), we can promise that it’s ocean fresh. Here are some options:

  • Citrus Salmon: yes, please to food that’s both heart healthy and delicious. You can’t go wrong with this tangy plate of fresh salmon topped with mango salsa and avocado slices.
  • Honey Sriracha Salmon: for the person who loves sriracha so much that they wear it as a t-shirt we recommend this dish. This dish is served hot with a plate of salmon glazed with sesame seeds and a honey Sriracha glaze: sweet and spicy!
  • Stuffed Mahi Mahi: this tuna dish is ideal for the person who wants something a bit heartier. Fresh Mahi Mahi stuffed with crab cake and baked to perfection before being placed atop a bed of mushrooms and risotto is enough to get our mouths watering to the point of flooding the place.

Cheese n’ bread n’ stuff

You better believe that even though we have some of the best seafood in Virginia Beach, we also have some of the most sought after pizza. If after a day at the beach or aquarium you find that you’ve become “one with the fish” and don’t want to eat your kin, choose one of our pizzas or flatbreads which are all baked at 600+ degrees on our open flame fire deck oven. Here are a few favorites:

  • Kickin’ Cheeseburger Pizza: far too often we’re faced with the dilemma of whether we want a pizza or flatbread. ¿Porque no las dos? You can have both with this pizza that’s also a cheeseburger.
  • Build Your Own: start with some crust, then choose your cheese, sauce, and toppings. Warning, you may be overwhelmed by the options. Might as well get five pizzas then, right?
  • FIREBREW Flatbread: we’ve named it after our restaurant for a reason. That reason is fresh garlic herb flatbread smeared with artichoke spread and then sprinkled with diced tomatoes, corn, black beans, and house cheese before being stuck in our famous 600+ degree oven and served hot right beneath your nose.

Everything is better between two pieces of bread

It’s true: whatever you’re eating, it’s going to be better as a sandwich. Our restaurant knows this far too well and we think you’ll agree once you take a bite into one of our sandwiches. If you come to our restaurant and feel like eating something with your hands, order one of these bad boys:

  • Chipotle BBQ Burger: the fact that it has “chipotle” in the name makes it superior. Made with a base of half a pound of angus beef and then spruced up with some bacon, cheddar jack cheese, tequila mango BBQ sauce, and, of course, chipotle aioli!
  • Grilled Salmon Burger: Old Bay? More like oh YAY. This healthy take on a traditional burger is perfect for the person who wants a burger, but not really. It’s perfect, we promise.
  • FIREBREW Signature Burger: this burger is so yum that we named it after ourselves. The fresh mix of greens, Angus Beef, bacon, seasoned grilled tomatoes, and gruyère cheese is an example of perfection. Warning, your mouth won’t stop watering.