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Our Thoughts and Prayersare with all victims and families of the recent tragedy that occurred in Virginia Beach.

What Makes Us Unique

Let’s face it, with more than 1,100 restaurants in Virginia Beach to choose from, it is difficult for any restaurant to stand out of the crowd and offer something truly unique to their guests. At FIREBREW Bar & Grill, we proudly boast four unique attributes that set us apart from ALL our competition.

While other restaurants in our area claim to have good food and service, we believe good isn’t good enough.

We are the first, and currently one of only two restaurants in the Hampton Roads area that offers guests the opportunity to serve themselves.

Many restaurants claim to have an open kitchen. However, at FIREBREW our open kitchen is smack dab in the center of the restaurant.

All our food items are cooked over an open flame via our 600+ degree open flame fire deck oven or our grill/stove top.